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Estate planning is all about preparing for the future. By working with a skilled estate planning lawyer, you can ensure your assets are distributed to the heirs and beneficiaries of your choosing. Additionally, an estate planning attorney can help you develop tax strategies to preserve the maximum value of your estate. And, a probate lawyer can help you avoid the chance of your estate going into probate court, something that can compromise your confidentiality.

To speak with a skilled estate planning attorney, reach out to Max Alavi, OC Trusts Lawyer, at your next convenience. We are proud of our track record of serving individuals and families in Laguna Hills and throughout the Orange County area.

Our Practice Area

Our firm provides estate planning expertise in the following areas:

  • Expertise in living trusts. A living trust lawyer can help you ensure the proper management of your assets during your lifetime and create a plan to prepare for possible medical incapacitation. By working with a living trust attorney in Laguna hills, you can make certain your assets are properly distributed as needed.
  • Probate and trust litigation. Disputes over a will or estate can be emotionally draining for all parties involved. A probate attorney from our firm will provide clarity and consistent communication throughout the process. Reach out to speak with a probate lawyer in Laguna Hills today.
  • Estate planning. Additionally, an estate planning attorney from our firm can help with durable Powers of Attorney, advanced health care directives, high net-worth tax planning, and beyond.

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