The Basics of California’s Intestate Inheritance Law

What happens to your estate if you die without a will in place, or without your assets being properly assigned to the will on file? According to California’s intestate succession laws, there may be situations in which your assets are divided among surviving relatives, simply on the basis of your...

What Can I Do if the Trustee Won’t Give me a Copy of the Trust?

What happens when a trustee fails in their duty to provide beneficiaries with a copy of the living trust? This scenario happens all too often, but California Probate Court has some provisions in place, allowing beneficiaries to compel the trustee to provide a true and complete copy of the trust....

What are the Trustee’s Duties to Provide Notice to the Beneficiaries After the Creator of the Trust Has Passed Away?

When you serve as a trustee, one of your core responsibilities is to appoint someone to serve as your successor, taking over the administration of the trust after you pass away. Given the weighty responsibilities of managing a trust, this is not a duty to be taken lightly.