Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC: Contested Trust Litigation “Win” Wins Cases

Newport Beach, California, October 2018 – Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC, would like to announce the successful conclusion of another litigated trust matter. After a two-year battle in the Orange County Courthouse, Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC, could reclaim trust assets denied to our client, who had been refused access to these benefits for over two decades by the trustee was her uncle. She states her results with Mr. Alavi in her own words:

“I was the sole beneficiary of my grandfather’s trust who had passed away almost 20 years ago. I had not received any payments or distributions from the trustee, who was my uncle. I called Mr. Alavi when I could not get any information from anybody and I was not even able to find out where my uncle, the trustee, was living. Mr. Alavi tracked him down in Canada and served him with the lawsuit to finally get my inheritance paid to me. After two more years of work on my case, we were finally able to settle the case with results that I am very very happy about. I have used the money from the settlement to buy land for myself, my husband and two sons to build a house to live in.”

Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC’s dedication crossed the northern border to conclude our client’s two-decade-long struggle to fulfill the final wishes of her grandfather to pass his life’s hard-earned benefits to the betterment of his granddaughter. Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC, celebrates this moment as both a professional and personal success that our firm was able to close this chapter for our client happily and to realize the wishes of our client’s grandfather.

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