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Facing the unknown can be scary. We all want to feel safe and secure, not only in our personal well-being but also in the well-being of our loved ones. Estate planning provides a way to face the unknown with a greater sense of control, knowing that our heirs and beneficiaries will be taken care of even after our passing. The best way to develop a robust estate plan, and to minimize the chances of it being challenged in court, is to enlist a skilled living trust and estate planning lawyer.

Max Alavi APC leads a team of dedicated estate planning attorneys, demonstrating a distinguished track record representing clients in the Newport Beach area. Proudly represented on the elite Super Lawyers list, ours is the living trust and estate planning law firm of choice for clients throughout the community.

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Newport Beach

2424 SE Bristol St., Ste 300 Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Living Trust & Estate Planning

Through our estate planning services, we help clients in Newport Beach ensure their assets are properly distributed upon death, that their loved ones are taken care of, and that their end-of-life wishes are upheld. We specialize in living trusts, the best way to keep your estate out of probate.



If you die without an adequate estate plan, your loved ones may wind up dealing with the cumbersome, costly probate system. Our attorneys have ample experience navigating the local court system and helping clients achieve their desired outcomes, as expediently as possible.


While smart planning can minimize the risk of your estate being disputed, there may still arise a complaint or a conflict from a family member or other beneficiary. The best way to have these disputes resolved is by working with a trust litigation attorney. Our team can help you navigate such options as negotiation, settlement, and full litigation proceedings.

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