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All of us want to ensure that our end-of-life wishes are met, and that our loved ones are properly taken care of after we’re gone. One of the most important ways to accomplish these goals is through estate planning, which often involves the use of a living trust. To ensure an estate plan that addresses your needs and goals, it’s imperative to choose a trusted and reputable estate planning law firm.

Max Alavi APC leads a team of accomplished living trust, estate planning, and trust litigation lawyers, proudly serving in the Los Angeles County area. We’ve provided countless clients with excellence in living trust litigation and general estate planning. Our founder, Max Alavi APC, has long been a staple of the elite Super Lawyers list, certifying him as one of top estate planning attorneys in Los Angeles Country.

We proudly have offices across the Los Angeles area and are here when you have any questions about estate planning in California, the Los Angeles County probate court, and beyond.

For estate planning in California, Los Angelinos choose the law firm of Max Alavi APC. To schedule a consultation with our team of recognized Super Lawyers, contact one of our county-wide locations today.

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Living Trust & Estate Planning

Our living trust and estate planning services are customized to client needs, and provide robust solutions for ensuring your wishes are upheld even after death. Through effective estate planning, you can feel confident that your heirs and beneficiaries will be well taken care of.



Dying without a strong estate plan may plunge your assets into probate, a cumbersome and costly process that’s bound to frustrate your heirs and beneficiaries. Our team can help you with strategies to navigate probate court, or to avoid it altogether.


Even the most robust estate plan may sometimes face legal disputes. Resolving estate challenges can be a tough process, but our attorneys have ample experience in estate and trust litigation. We can also guide you through the settlement and negotiation processes.

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